Story So Far

We have been holidaying in Wales and camping since the children were young. We spent many years holidaying in tents around the UK as well as Europe, Asia and Africa, with many day excursions exploring  building camps  in the woods, damming rivers and picnicing on remote beaches. It is with this passion, freedom, awe and wonder for the natural world combined with quality comfort and attention to detail that Naturesbase holidays was conceived in 2009. We discovered Tyngwndwn Farm, 8 acres, a stream and only 5 miles from the sea and started to create reality from our dream. We started to dig, shovel, build and paint! Over the years the landscape has changed, the buildings developed and children grown up, and Naturesbase has evolved.

We, Gyles, Alison and the children Jasmine, Bethan, Jacob welcome you to Naturesbase, our  small holding in west Wales.

When Gyles isn’t running the small holding and campsite he is teaching the many schools that visit Naturesbase, Alison holds the fort, bakes cakes to die for, is the resident reflexologist and enjoys adding the finishing touches to what we do...

Lilly our very friendly golden retriever has spent many of her days with large groups of primary school children and is very well-behaved. The two cats Cariad and Fluff may come and visit you during your stay for cuddle or try hopefully for a treat!